Looking Forward to Spring

I’ve always considered myself a winter guy. I like cold nights, a warm fire in my fireplace, and snow on the ground. For some reason though, I’m really looking forward to spring this year.

Maybe it’s because this winter has been relatively warm and snowless around here, aside from the three-feet of snow we got a couple weeks back. Maybe I’m looking forward to taking the kids out on the lake to use their fishing rods to catch their first fish. Maybe it’s the possibility of some changes at work that have me feeling hopeful.

Maybe it’s all of those things rolled into one.

This bit of reflection has made me reconsider though, am I just a winter guy? When I stop to think about it, every season has things that I enjoy. Spring brings the prospect of fishing, kayaking, and exploring. There’s also planting new flowers and maybe even some veggies for the kids to watch grow.

Summer brings more of the same warm weather activities. Plus things like roasting marshmallows on the patio, BBQs, and fireworks.

The fall will bring apple picking, hikes through colorful trees, and maybe a warm October day to get in one last kayak trip.

Let’s not move ahead too quickly though. It’s still only February, and I should savor my lake view and the sun setting over the Blue Ridge a few more times before the trees sprout their leaves and take it away!





This is where I offer a generic welcome and thank those of you taking the time to read my stream of consciousness.

This blog is intended to be a place for me to write about life, but primarily centered around the outdoors and outdoor activities.

I might be entertaining or informative, but I can’t guarantee that. I might be incredibly boring. I might post daily. I might post monthly. Maybe I’ll never post again!

I don’t know where this will lead, but that’s kind of the point of it right?