Some Humor

Came across this one and couldn’t pass it up!


I’ve encountered over half of these. Not sure what I’d do if confronted with the other four, but I probably wouldn’t do anything on this list. Except for the one you’ll read about below.

Yeah, they can be pretty aggressive when you get near a nest. Just keep moving!

Although the wasps weren’t the size of geese I’ve seen some big ones. One time swimming at a lake in New Hampshire with friends we were climbing up a rock face out of the water and our dogs came down to greet us. In the process they stirred up some nasty black wasps that quickly dive bombed us! One of them stung me, and it hurt like heck so I jumped back into the water without hesitation. Needless to say I found an alternate route out of the water, and the welt on my arm stuck around for a couple days.

I generally just avoid them and give them a wide berth. Can’t say that I recommend the balloon approach.

If you don’t want to burn everything, the bottom of your boot, sneaker, or flip flop work well also.

I may have once punted a cat, and by “may have” I mean I definitely did. Walking the dog one evening about nine years ago, and this thing came at us out of nowhere! The dog naturally cowered behind me as the cat charged. She took a claw to the face, and I took one to the calf. Left with no other choice, I went with the punt. Can’t recall what kind of distance I got, but it’s a valid technique!


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