Nature in Your Own Backyard

It’s been a crazy month so far and it’s left me with little time for managing the blog, so I hope you haven’t missed me too much!

Late Spring and early summer have had the critters out and about, and we’ve been pretty lucky here at the ol’ suburban homestead to have some friendly creature visitors. I guess that’s what happens when you buy the lot that backs up to the woods!

Robins Under the Deck
So it’s not bats in the belfry, but still pretty fun. Mr. And Mrs. Robin decided to make the underside of our deck their home. I noticed it last month, and a few weeks ago saw these eggs in there.

The kids loved to peek up there to see the eggs, and I tried to give the nest as much space as possible to not stress them out, but unfortunately I discovered last week that the nest had been abandoned and there was no sign of the eggs. That led me to believe that perhaps our next visitor, or one of his friends, had something to do with the disappearance since there wasn’t even a fleck of broken shell in the nest.

“Hey daddy, there’s a snake right there.”
Said my son calmly as he pointed at the four-foot Eastern Rat Snake in our front flower bed.


I am by no means a snake expert, but a quick look at our visitor told me he wasn’t venomous or a threat as long as we gave him some space. I of course backed that up with a quick search of the interwebs, and once it was clear that it wasn’t going to eat any of the kids we actually had a fun time watching our new friend slither around back and off into the woods.



My wife was decidedly less amused when she later saw another snake lounging on our back patio while she was out there with the kids one morning. However, we have haven’t seen any since, which lends credence to my theory that they may have come for a little snack at the robins’ nest.

“What the heck is THAT?!”
Is what I said when walked out onto the patio, looked at the stairs leading up to the deck, and saw this:

Easily one of the bigger winged insects I’ve seen! I took this picture fully terrified that this guy was going to attack me like Mothra going after Godzilla. However, once I consulted the trusty interwebs, I discovered that this is a Luna Moth, and they only fly at night. I’ll pause for a second to let you contemplate the thought of one of these things landing on your face while you sit on your patio at night…

Now that you’ve thought that through hopefully you can move on and appreciate how cool looking this thing is! The kids never really got to that point though, because apparently dad’s reassurances that it wouldn’t fly during the day couldn’t make them want to get anywhere near him.

That’s all for now, and I’ll try to get back on schedule here.

Cheers everyone!