Every year we all go look at Christmas lights at a local park.

Every year we go on a Tuesday so we can get pizza at our favorite place beforehand on their cheap pizza night.

Every year while walking around looking at the lights we get hot chocolate that is too hot initially, but cools off so quickly in the cold December air that there is an ever so short sweet spot of time that it is perfectly drinkable.

Rarely does the night go off without a hitch. Take last night, one kid decided to poop for 20 minutes at the pizzeria as we were getting ready to leave, another was “SO COLD” and kept reminding us of it, and our friends’ kid had a complete meltdown at the park.

In the end though, as it is every year, it was pretty perfect in its imperfection. Just like that hot chocolate.


Living Simply

We strive to live simply in our house. I say strive because sometimes living simply isn’t quite so simple nowadays, and sometimes we just don’t succeed at keeping things as simple as we’d like.

    Our house is often messy and cluttered, but we’re getting better, and with a gaggle of kids and a dog running around there’s going to be a certain amount of mess. I’m sure if we were minimalists our house would be cleaner, but with little kids comes a certain amount of “stuff” and we’re (mostly) ok with that. We’re willing to accept the mess that comes from all that “stuff” because we’re pretty anti-tech when it comes to our kids. As much as I hate that there are Legos all over my son’s room, I’ll take that over him staring at a tablet playing Minecraft for hours. 

    Recently, I found myself on a restless Friday night with a sleeping wife on the couch watching a documentary about minimalism on Netflix. (I know, I know, I better chill out on this wild lifestyle I lead!) Anyway, it’s worth a watch, but the basic gist isn’t some crazy idea that you have to sell off all your possessions and buy a tiny house, but instead to not let “things” dominate your life. 

    That’s an important message in today’s world, and one that the wife and I find ourselves trying to live by and instill in our kids. Like I said, it’s not always easy, but I think as long as we’re making the effort, we’re succeeding. 

    Right? At least a little? E for effort maybe? #notanexpert